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"Unofficial" after "Proof of Life Dot Com" party pics

[*]Proof of Life Dot Com
Movie screenings are probably commonplace to dot-commers on the Digital
Coast, but in Silicon Alley it's still a bit of a rarity. Well, on
Wednesday, December 6, Warner Bros opened its doors to a select crew and
hosted a preview screening of Proof of Life in conjunction with Cocktails
with Courtney. The event was sponsored by Zefer. There were a good
percentage of adventure-seeking venture capitalists like Cap Gemini Ernst
& Young's Julio Cassels and I-Hatch's Chip Austin, as well as media
insiders like Inside.com's Chris Allbritton. Maybe they were hoping to
learn a bit about good negotiating skills?! CBS Market Watch.com's Dan
Dichter, Jupiter Communications' Kate Berg and Michael Winston, EventMe's
Volker Detering, and eChocolates' Pierrick Chouard were also among the
cozy crowd gathered for thrills and chills. Zefer's Managing Director
Melissa Grossman made the rounds and met up with some of the guests,
while Iguana Interactive's James Ontra and Tricia Ayuso, and Mercury
Interactive's James O'Connor helped the bartender shake up Bombay
martinis and mixed Gin specialties. Bank Julius Baer's Sebastien Beaume
introduced me to Kara Grehan and venturehighway.com's Mervin Clemente and
Monica Cajas. Folks from Interworld, NetValue and ING Barings came by as
well. USLaw.com's Seth Price brought some friends to see Meg and Russell
on the big screen. Afterwards, Paine Webber's Georgia Hanford, The Ascent
Group's Andrew Massik, Melissa Grossman, James O'Connor and I went out
for pictures in front of Rockefeller Center's Christmas tree!

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