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The first time I saw a "manifestation" in Paris I thought it was wild! Now I realize that filming it was a "newbie" mistake. Everyone knows that there's a strike at least once a month (usually more). It is the "national sport of France." Well-- this one is protesting abortion --and was in December 2007. The one I saw yesterday (Feb. 19, 2009)--not sure. I saw a man sporting a sticker that said "Viva la greve!" (Long Live the Strike!). There were a lot of students and professors. The big, national strike on Jan. 29, 2009 was because people were protesting that they didn't have enough money on account of the financial crisis.

Strike! www.google.com/s2/sharing/stuff?user=107889358104415605285
Strike! www.google.com/s2/sharing/st…